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Import & distribution of solid and liquid fertilizers

Solid & Liquid Fertilizer

We supply our customers from a wide range of solid and liquid fertilizers.

Our logistics

Our efficient logistics guarantee on-time delivery to our customers – even during the peak season.



We will also be happy to advise you by telephone or answer your inquiries by e-mail.

Powerful fertilizers

Since over 30 years, we have been importing and distributing solid and liquid fertilizers that our customers use to increase their agricultural yields and reduce their costs.

Taking into account the constantly changing conditions in agriculture, we participate in the development of new processes and products to make agricultural production even more environmentally friendly, reliable and cost-effective.

Reliable logistics

The timely and highly seasonal supply of our customers with high-quality fertilizers depends to a large extent on well thought-out, efficient logistics.

Sea transport

Inland waterway transport



Experienced partner for wholesalers

Since over 30 years we have been importing and distributing solid and liquid fertilizers and as a wholly owned subsidiary we belong to UAB Koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ, which operates with over 40 companies, in the countries of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic and Croatia.

Our customers are well-known fertilizer wholesalers throughout Germany and agricultural traders in the north and east of Germany, but also in other European countries.

Countries to which we maintain trade relations

various fertilizers

Years of experience in fertilizer trade