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We offer nitrogen fertilizer solutions in various compositions with and without sulfur.
Here is a selection:
AHL N 28 - Ammonium Nitrate Urea Solution

Product Description:
clear to slightly yellowish liquid

Density: 1.27 – 1.29 kg/l
Start of crystallization: -18°C
ph-value: 6.9 – 7.0 (neutral)

Composition :
28% N total nitrogen

NTS 27/3 - nitrogen fertilizer solution with sulfur N(S)27 (+3)


27 % total nitrogen
of which 13 % amide nitrogen
and 8 % ammonium nitrogen
and 6 % nitrate nitrogen
3 % Sulfur

pH value: 6.9 – 7.0
Density: 1.284

Product info
Application of the entire nitrogen and sulfur requirement in one application is possible with the same high yields compared to the classic application division.

This results in a saving of crossings.

The three nitrogen forms carbamide, ammonium and nitrate nitrogen in one product provide a fast and sustainable nitrogen supply to the crop.

The addition of ammonium thiosulfate supports a sustainable nitrogen supply and provides the plants with sulfate sulfur after conversion processes in the soil.

NTS 27/3 is applied in one application in cereals and canola at the beginning of vegetation.
Application in summer cereals and corn is made in one application at sowing time.
The amount of fertilization depends on the balance of the yield expectation of the respective cultivated crops.

Plant protection sprayer with drip nozzles (multi-hole, liquid fertilizer nozzles)
Crop protection sprayer with drag hose
Injection device

For application use primarily morning and evening hours, stands should be dried off.
Do not apply at temperatures above 25 °C.

According to the Fertilizer Ordinance, no application should take place during frost.

N-PRO S 18/2 - nitrogen fertilizer solution with sulfur N(S) 18 (+2)

18 % Total nitrogen

of which 17 % amide nitrogen
and 1% ammonium nitrogen
2 % Total sulfur

ph value : will be delivered later
density : 1,13

Product info
Use to improve grain qualities, especially crude protein and TKG in the

The recording is done directly over the blade. The high urea content in N-Pro S makes it possible to use it in a way that is compatible with plants.

The proportion of sulfur ensures the conversion of nitrogen in the plant.

10 kg N/ha (50 l/ha) before and after flowering in wheat in two applications, combinable with fungicides and insecticides to safeguard and improve grain qualities and TCG.

When combining with crop protection products and micronutrients, check the manufacturer’s instructions for miscibility with AHL.